Coax Connector
Twist-On PL-259 w/ Boot
For RG-59 or RG-8X (mini-8) coax

 Model BT7-259     $2.49 (MSRP*)
*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

Yes! An easy to install PL-259 connector with a snap-on, rubber weatherproof boot. No crimping tool or special skills are needed to install these connectors. Simply slip the rubber boot down the end of the coax being processed. Strip 1" (25mm) from the outer coax covering, trim away 3/4" (19mm) of shielding and peel the other 1/4" (6mm) back over the outer cover itself. Next, strip 1/2" (12mm) of insulation off of the center conductor and thread the connector on to the coax. Solder center conductor at tip and snap the rubber boot into place. The BT7-259 has a 7mm hole for use with RG-8X or RG-59 type coax used with co-phase harnesses. WHERE TO BUY?

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1 Year Limited Warranty