Firestik® products are primarily distributed through retailers that specialize in radio communications products. They may not be the easiest products to locate, but the extra effort will be worth it.

A good place to start looking would be in your telephone directory. Start your phone search in this order of priority.

  • Radio, Citizen Band
  • Radio Communications Stores
  • Electronics Outlets
  • Truck Stops (Driver Supply Stores)
  • Recreational Vehicle Supply Stores
  • Off-Road Vehicle Supply Stores

If you prefer, or don't mind shopping on line, there are quite a few on-line dealers that carry Firestik products. You can go to your browser and type in "Firestik Antennas" and you will get a pretty good selection of potential on-line dealers. We do have a several on-line shops that have done well with the Firestik line over the past several years. If you want to check them out, click on one or more of the following links that will take you directly to their web site.

Full-Service CB Shops with
Internet Sales Option


Internet Only
Mail Order Resellers

Throughout the United States there are hundreds of Truckstops and Travel Centers. Most of these can be found along the primary highways that criss-cross the country. While they may not carry every available product that we make, they at least carry many of the popular antennas, mounts and coaxial cables that you may need. Below are the links to the Internet sites of the more popular truckstop and travel center chains. If one of these businesses is near to you, give them a call or stop in and see if they can help you with your specific needs.

If you are unable to locate a particular product, we urge you to contact us directly. Firestik maintains a referral database made up of American and Canadian retail outlets that have voluntarily registered with our referral program. If you are in the area of one of our registered dealers, we will supply you with the city they are located in, the business name, and phone number. If you want our help, send us a brief e-mail with the following information.

  • Your "Reply to" e-mail address
  • Your Zip/Postal Code
  • Item(s) that you are looking for
  • Any special information that may apply to your situation.

E-Mail Assistance


If you are a CB or electronics dealer, carry Firestik products, and have not previously registered with our referral program, click Dealer Referral Program and complete the supplied form. Dealers anywhere in the world are invited to register. If someone in your area calls looking for Firestik products, we will pass your name on to them.

If you are an active business (proof required) that engages in the wholesale or retail trade and want information on how to become a Firestik customer, click Business Inquiry to go to our inquiry form. Instruction are found on the form. All inquiries will be responded to.

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