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Firestik Antenna Company is currently located in Tempe, Arizona, USA. Since its formation in 1962, the company has remained focused on the personal communications market. Firestik has a lot of experience there too. At various times during its existence, Firestik has manufactured CB radios, test meters, amplifiers, variable frequency oscillators, RF filters and more. In 1975 all energy was directed into designing a line of high performance antennas. Over the last forty-eight years Firestik has been focused on its mission. You will benefit from the dedication, care and spirit that Firestik puts into its products. CB antennas, sagfety flags and related accessories are our specialty. What can we do for you?

Firestik primarily makes antennas,safety flags and accessories for the mobile market. The company is especially recognized as a leader in the art of manufacturing high performance wire-wound CB antennas. Its success has earned it worldwide fame. Firestik products can be found throughout the United States. They are also sold in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Western Europe, India, the U.A.E. and several South American countries. Aside from specializing in CB antennas and accessories, Firestik's years of antenna know-how can be found in antennas made for scanners, 2 meter and 10 meter amateur equipment, and specialty antennas such as those used for geoseismic exploration.

The Firestik name is synonymous with quality and performance. Having built and sold in excess of 10 million antennas speaks for itself. Those who are new to CB should seize the opportunity to start out with the best money can buy. As for you seasoned CB'ers, if you're not using a Firestik, you really don't know what you're missing. You might find a less expensive antenna, but we do believe that you will never find one better. Remember this ....

The bitterness of poor quality
remains long after the sweetness
of low price is forgotten

When you've got the best ... you can forget the rest! If you are not communicating with a Firestik antenna, you haven't got the best. Short of laws forbidding their use, there is no reason why you cannot own a genuine Firestik product, no matter where on earth you may live. So come and join the millions of other Firestik users.

During the fall of 2004, the company, having decades of experience designing high quality fiberglass, ventured into the safety flag market and now ships flag products to many countries, including America, Canada, Mexico, several South American countries, Asia and the Middle East. The durability of the flag products have made them well accepted in the mining, sport utility, construction and water craft industries, just to name a few. Firestik safety flags have been tested at 342 mph ... click here to read about that

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