Coax Cable Termination

 Model: RT-1     MSRP*     $1.99

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

Both of our lug-connection stud mounts (K-4 or R-4), as well as all mounts supplied with either of the studs, need a coax cable that is terminated with a ring terminal. Even though all of the mounts and ring terminal processed coax assemblies are supplied with the necessary connector(s), we offer these items so you can make repairs/upgrades to your system. We recommend that you use solder when processing your cable assemblies with these connectors, but they do allow for crimping with the appropriate tool. These connectors are designed for use with 3/8" (10mm) bolts. Each package contains five (5) pieces. WHERE TO BUY?

1 Year Limited Warranty