28.300MHz TO 28.500MHz

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All Firestik II tunable tip antennas can be used somewhere, and in some cases, everywhere in the 28.000 - 29.700 MHz 10 meter frequency band. Each antenna has 6 basic set-up conditions but, there are many additional possibilites that exist because physically shortening (as in cutting away material) either the tuning screw or the vinyl cap itself will have an effect on the antennas resonant frequency. The further down the cap goes over the top of the antenna, the more affect it has on the antenna and one can literally fine tune the antenna using a pair of scissors to alter the length of the tip. You could also cut off the enclosed top of the tip so it can slide further down the loading coil and attain even more radical results. Primarily, this info should be used by those with some knowledge of antennas or those who habitually go where most are to cautious to go.

We prepared the following matrix that shows the 6 basic set-up conditions and frequency data for all "FS" antennas.


  1. Measurements taken with antenna positioned in center of outdoor metal ground-plane (counterpoise).
  2. The tuning screw at test maximum has 0.800" gap between lock nut and bottom of tuner screw head.

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