Click on any of the following links to see the Firestik document regarding the subject matter. Based upon thirty-five years of experience in the personal communications business, we believe that 95% of your questions will be answered by one or more of the documents. The document names that begin with an (*) asterick contain the text and graphics found in our booklet "Measuring SWR and Things Every CB'er Should Know".

Our popular booklet, "Measuring SWR and Things Every CB'er Should Know" is now available on our website as a printable PDF document. The free online version has been reformatted to fit 8.5" x 11" paper (18 pages .. 9 if your printer allows to print on 2-sides). Get this PDF copy by clicking here

Please read the document "Firestik Technical Help" before contacting us regarding your problem(s). If you supply the requested details it will save time and make our assesment of your system more accurate. Lastly, if you have visited any of the pages in the past, we suggest that you use your refresh/reload button whenever you come back to a page. Prior visited pages are held in your computers cache. If we've made a change in the page content, you may not see it if your computer pulled the old page from its cache.

We are in the process of reviewing and editing all technical documents. Aside from correcting spelling and gramatical errors, each document is being reformatted so any printed copies you make are more printer friendly. At the end of each topic listing, for the pages that have been reformated so far, you will see something like [2p] to indicated the number of printed pages the document is, whereas [2p] would indicate two printed pages in length.


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Last Update: 14-Jun-2017