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Once upon a time the asterisk was born. Its purpose in life was to be used in printed text to indicate a footnote, or reference, or omission. The symbol became a very helpful tool for serious writers. Then one day the asterisk was discovered by some sales, advertising and marketing humans. In short order, its meaning in life was discolored. Chalk it up to modern business ethics; a big, bold headline that is so far from the truth that it needs a written explanation that exposes the false parts, usually in magnifying glass size print.

Worlds Most Powerful…**
Worlds Fastest…***
Worlds Largest…****
The Greatest Thing to Ever Come Along…*****
Asterisk Free******

Asterisk abusers count on you to be in too much of a hurry to read the small print. You, when you come across an asterisk next to some bold and powerful statement, should train yourself to stop and go find the "with the exception of" clause. After you read it, you should think about what is being said in the small print. In most cases, you will find that the statement with the asterisk is misleading. This is done intentionally to lead you to buy the product or service without bothering to read the things that might keep your money in your pocket. After your money is gone is the wrong time to read and/or learn about the small type.

It is doubtful that businesses will ever be required to take an ethics test in order to get a license to use asterisks in their marketing, advertising and sales literature. Therefore, it is buyer beware! Learn or burn.

* A play on the word "astronomical", as in astronomical deception. Used to indicate asterisk abuse.
** when compared to things with less power.
*** when compared to things that are slower.
**** when viewed through the Hubble telescope.
***** assuming that your expectations do not exceed below average expectations.
****** we choose not to mention things that might affect your decision to buy our products or use our services.

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