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On occasion we are ask if it is okay to paint one of our antennas to match the color of the vehicle. The answer is, "Yes you can!"

To achieve the best results there are a few things you can do,

  1. Start out with a white antenna. It will have little or no effect on the base color of the paint.

  2. Clean the antenna with paint thinner or denatured alcohol and let dry before applying paint

  3. Use a lead free paint. Choose those that are compatible with plastics. We recommend plasti-kote ultra vinyl color paint or compatible.

  4. Most car dealerships have paints made for painting plastic that also match the vehicle color.

We had the occassion to test the new Krylon® Fussion for Plastic® paint and the end product was excellant. And, pre-cleaning to remove oils from the plastic is absolutely necessay. We have seen the paint at Home Depot and Lowes.

Adding paint could add slightly to the electrical length of the antenna due to change in capacitance. Therefore, either recheck the SWR after a previously tuned antenna has been painted, or wait and tune it after the paint job is finished.

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