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Over the years we have received some pretty good photo & text documentation from individuals and clubs with regards to specific installations on specific vehicles. We decided that we would add a sub-menu and make the information available with links from our site. Although we have not duplicated the installations, we did read the content and at the time of posting the link, found it to be reasonable insofar as our experience and knowledge is concerned. Because we did not do the installation ourselves, we cannot confirm that every step was completely documented but feel that the information will be helpful to others who may be planning on installing a radio/antenna system on their vehicle.

If you have documented a Firestik installation and want to share that information with others, send us the link where it is posted (business, club or personal website) and we will review the content. If we think that the information will be of value to others, we will post the link. If you do not have a website, you can email your text and photos to us and if we think it will help others, we will build a page to hold the information and give credit to the creator of the documentation. Email address on bottom of this page.


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  • Accepting Documentation/Link




  • Accepting Documentation/Link


  • Accepting Documentation/Link

  • Accepting Documentation/Link

Due to so many idiots abusing the Internet, direct links must give way to graphic representations.
Type the following address into your email composer to contact or submit installation documentation.

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