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The primary purpose of the magnet antenna mount is to allow the CBíer the means to gain temporary or emergency communications capability. The fact that the user doesnít need to drill holes in the vehicle should be of secondary importance. Magnetic mounts should always be treated as a temporary solution to an immediate or short-term communications need. If you donít plan to use your CB on a regular basis, donít want to drill holes in your vehicle for permanent mounts, or donít expect the maximum performance from your equipment, than a magnetic mount may be all you need. But remember, in spite of their convenience, a magnetic mount antenna will rarely meet the performance that is realized from a properly installed permanent antenna. However, for short-range caravan type communications or emergency use, magnetic mount antennas are sufficient.


  1. Like all other transmit antennas, those mounted on magnet mounts must be tuned on the vehicle in the location that it will always be used. If you tune the antenna in the middle of the roof then decide to use it on the hood or truck, or a different vehicle, it will require re-tuning at its new location.
  2. Always place your magnet on the flattest surface available.
  3. Do not abuse the coax cable. It is extremely important. Sharp bends, tight pinches and holes rubbed through outer jacket will affect performance.
  4. Always place your magnet on a clean, dry surface.
  5. If avoidable, do not use on a vinyl roof. (Adds capacitance and diminishes holding strength).
  6. Never leave the mount in one location for extended periods of time. (The vehicle paint will fade at various rates and moisture under mount can cause rust to form under the painted surface.)
  7. If you drop a ferrite magnet on a hard surface the magnetic strength may be reduced, or the material could shatter into many pieces.
  8. Magnet mounts rely on high resistance, capacitance grounding. If you use power amplification, there is a good chance that heat will discolor the vehicles paint. We do not recommend the use of amplifiers with any magnet-mounted antenna.
  9. At highway speeds there are considerable forces acting upon the mount. Even if the antenna is holding fast, a side burst of air from a passing 18-wheeler can hit the antenna with a force from another direction causing it to loose its grip. For that reason, it is always a good idea to have a spring between the antenna and the magnet mount.
  10. When removing the magnetic mount from the vehicle, do not slide it to the edge to make it more convenient. Dirt between the magnet and the vehicle paint will surely leave scratches.
  11. Never place your magnet mount near your audio and/or video tapes, or computer disks of any type. The strong magnetic field will destroy them. And, if you want to wreck the magnetic strip on your credit card, set them on the magnet for 1 second or more.

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