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Technical assistance for Firestik products is available at no charge. Before contacting us, please check the techncal help articles on this website. The answers to the most common questions and procedures are available free of charge. If you need additional assistance, questions may be submitted via ;

To efficiently serve your needs, we will need your help. Information about your equipment, set-up, and specific problem will help us answer you quickly and accurately. The more you can tell us, the more we can tell you. Things we would like to know include,

  1. Make, model and length of antenna
  2. Type of mount and where located on vehicle
  3. Coax cable make, type (RG-58, RG-59, etc.) and length.
  4. Vehicle type (car, van, pick-up, motorhome, etc.)
  5. Make, model and year of vehicle
  6. Primary vehicle material (metal, plastic, fiberglass, etc.)
  7. Make and model of CB (and if altered in any way)
  8. If using external power increasing device
  9. What specific problem you are experiencing
  10. Was coax tested for shorts or opens
  11. Was mount tested for ground (ground plane systems requirement)
  12. Was any attempt made to tune the antenna
  13. What is SWR on Channels 1, 20 and 40
  14. What kind of meter was used for testing (external, internal)
  15. Anything else about the vehicle, radio or install that you suspect might be causing all or part of your problem.

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