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Installing a CB antenna in the existing AMFM antenna location

Having accumulated a pile of email messages over the years regarding the installation of CB antennas in the location of the current, factory installed AMFM antenna we were prompted to write this article.

First of all, we do not make, nor are we aware of any manufacturer who makes a CB antenna mount that will fit in the original AMFM antenna position. It isn't that we would not like to provide one; it is the lack of any standard in the automotive industry that stifles all consideration. Back in the late 80's there was a mount on the market that would work on 75% of the vehicles but, as the vehicle designing became more sophisticated (?), that mount (and we assume the company that made it) have gone to ghost. Nowadays the auto and truck companies come up with new vehicle body designs just about every year. And with that change comes a change in the requirements of a mounting appliance for the vehicles AMFM antenna. The conversion market is not large enough to justify the cost of designing the mounts or the investment needed for the tooling required to cover the plethora of mounts that would be needed each and every year.

On occasion we do receive a photo of a mount that was custom made by the vehicle owner. Most are pretty nice which, indicates [to us] that the person has some fabrication skills as well as access to the tools and equipment needed to create the mount. But, as for the probability of finding a commercial mount, the chances lie between slim and none. So if you want to mount the CB antenna in the location of the current AMFM antenna, you need to get out in the garage and start pounding and grinding. Otherwise, it may be time to search for an alternative location to mount the antenna.

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