Because It Was Loose

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The threads on the top photo were damaged because the antenna was allowed to wiggle in the stud mount.

If you only hand tighten your antenna or let it get loose in the stud mount the threads are probably going to get damaged. And if it gets loose and the antenna hits something, there is a chance that the base threads will break off. During installation, check to make sure that the antenna base seats fully on the top of the stud mount. If the bolt holding the stud mount to the vehicle mount is too long or you've left out a washer or two, the antenna base might hit the top of the bolt before it is properly seated. That will expose the weakest part of the threads (relief area) and the antenna threads could break off from the base. If you are not using a Firestik stud mount with the off-set taper designed to match the antenna base taper or, if you are using the vehicle in extremely rough conditions, we recommend using a 3/8-inch, split-lock washer between the antenna and the antenna stud mount or accessory.

You do not want to use thread locker on the threads because it will either insulate the antenna from the contact it needs with the stud mount or create a high resistance situation.

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