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Missing tips from antennas and/or flags is not a warranty issue.

Tips on antennas and/or flags do not just "fly off" ... we have had them on jet propelled vehicles over 340mph and they stayed put. If a tip comes up missing it was either stolen by somebody who lost the tip from their antenna or flag (and believe it is better you than them) or, trees, garage doors, parking structure roofs, etc removed the tip.

As a precautionary measure to reduce the possibilities of having a tip stolen or removed by overhead objects, the top of the antenna (after tuned) or flagstick can be sprayed with common hairspray and the tip installed immediately thereafter. Alternatively, a smear of silicone-based adhesive can be applied to the stick near the bottom edge of where the tip sits when seated.

To intentionally remove a tip

In most cases, and always with antennas, it is not wise to twist the tip when attempting to remove it. Twisting can alter the wire windings and/or break solder joints on the tunable tip antennas. Excess twisting force by hand or with tools could, in extreme situations, break the adhesive connection between the glass fiber rod and brass extender on tunable tip antennas or strobe ready flagsticks.

To remove a tip you need to break the seal from the bottom edge with a fingernail grip from two hands and with steady upwards pressure. Alternatively, find something with a non-rounded 90-degree edge (work bench edge, angle iron support of some type, etc.), hold the antenna or flag at a 45-degree angle and catch the lower edge of the tip on the edge and pull the antenna or flag stick away from the tip. On products that have been in use for a year or more, it might, on occasion, need to literally be cut from the top of the antenna or flagstick.

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