Mini-UHF Female Connector Install

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  1. Starting with flush cut RG-58 type coax, slide shrink tubing and crimp ring over coax.
  2. Remove 1 inch (25mm) of the black outer covering on the coax.
  3. Cut off inch (12mm) of the copper braid.
  4. Remove inch (12mm) of the center wire insulator.
  5. Remove 3/8 inch (9mm) of the center conductor wire
  6. Push braid away from end, heat center wire and tin (add small amount of solder) to the center conductor. While still hot, use a pair of tweezers or needle nose pliers to install brass center pin to the coax center conductor. Apply a little heat to the pin so the solder adheres to it.
  7. Push connector body over brass pin then pull copper braid over the connector end sleeve.
  8. Slide crimp ring over braid and crimp.
  9. Slide the shrink tubing over crimp ring; apply heat (non-open flame source such as a heat gun, hair dryer or teapot steam).

It is a good idea to check out the installation with a test meter. Shorts or opens will cause tuning issues. A Standing Wave Ratios(SWR) that is excessively high (over 3.0:1) can cause damage to the radios transmit circuitry. So ...

  • There should be continuity to center conductor connections, end to end.
  • There should be continuity to shield connections, end to end.
  • There should not be continuity from center conductor to shield.

If this installation coincides with the Mini-UHF to PL-259 adapter, screw (hand tight only) the PL adapter to the mini-UHF connector just installed in previous procedure.

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