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WARNING! The coax cable in this kit contains an internal circuit. It can ONLY be used with Firestik no-ground-plane (NGP) antennas. NGP antennas and coax cables ARE NOT interchangable with ground plane (GP) dependent antennas or coax. Also, the length of the coax is CRITICAL. It is a tuned circuit. While there are some VERY rare instances when installation anomolies can be corrected via the coax cable, the installer SHOULD NOT alter the length of the 'No-Ground-Plane' (NGP) cable unless specifically instructed to do so by a Firestik technician. If additional length is required between the antenna and radio, use a barrel connector and RG-58A/U coax in lengths multiple of 9 feet (9, 18, 27, etc.).

The ring terminal for the antenna end of the cable was left off so that the installer can pass it through small access holes. We recommend that the ring terminal be soldered on versus crimped. If it ever becomes necessary to remove the coax for service, it will be near impossible to remove a crimped on ring terminal without losing some coax length.

Unlike conventional GP antenna systems, the NGP coax only uses the center conductor at the antenna end. Do not attempt to ground the coax shield at the antenna end. Grounding the coax at the mount end will prevent proper operation of the antenna system and may cause damage to the radio. Please note that continuity is normal when measured between the center pin and housing of the radio-end PL-259 connector. This is normal on all Firestik NGP kits.

Lastly , use care when routing the coax. Try to avoid pulling the cable through areas with sharp edges. The outer jacket is soft and could become damaged. If there is excess cable length, DO NOT coil it up, as this could cause an unfavorable reaction (RF choke). You MAY either let the excess lay loosely in a headliner or wall or, form the excess into a 12" or longer bow-tie type configuration with a wire-tie in the center.

Like all other antennas that are expected to transmit energy, the NGP antennas should have their SWR fine tuned after mounting. Setting SWR maximizes performance, highlights possible trouble and protects the radio from potential damage.

About the warranty
This antenna system is guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase to the original purchaser. Damages caused by abuse, misuse or negligence (i.e. hitting solid over head objects) are not covered by this warranty. However, if you run your vehicle into a solid object and the vehicle maker agrees to warrantee the damage, we will warrantee the antenna if it was mounted to the vehicle component that the vehicle manufacturer agrees to repair/replace under warranty.

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