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Back in 1981, during the CB craze in Britain, I got to sit on the back of a Rolls Royce and drill through about 3/4" of cast aluminum in order to install a five foot Firestik on the car. Now ... that's a craze! We were reluctant but the owner wasn't concerned in the least bit ... said that if he ever changed his mind he would just take it to the body shop, have them pour molten aluminum into the hole, sand it down and hit it with some paint. And so ... we drilled and installed the Firestik.

At the time, CB was illegal in the UK so radios and accessories were being smuggled in from all directions. And I don't mean one at a time ... we were filling 8x8x40 foot shipping containers and we knew that most were bound for the UK [from several export companies]. There were underground CB clubs that met in Pub's all over London (I attended many of those events) and in other large UK cities too. The Parliment must have still been thinking about losing America back in 1770's because we heard comments like .. "If the public has a means to communicate they could possibly organize a take-over of the government". But, it was already out of control so they had to legalize it in order to regulate it. Most who were involved before it was legalized found it more fun and exciting before it became legal.

The following photo is the Rolls Royce with a London girl (Jill) that out UK distributor (Wintjoy) used in some of their advertising.

Updated March 5, 2013

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