Combo Spring & Stud Mount

Medium Duty
Model SS-34M:  
MSRP*   $13.49

Heavy Duty
Model SS-34H:  
MSRP*   $15.49

               Medium Duty
Model SS-34AM:  
MSRP*   $15.99

Heavy Duty
Model SS-34AH:  
MSRP*   $17.99

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

Save both space and money when you decide you want a spring under your antenna. Instead of buying a stud mount and a spring as individual components, you can buy one part and have it all. The springs are made of stainless steel for many years of service. Two basic models (ring terminal connections and screw-on connection), each available in a medium duty model and in a heavy duty model, are available. Each spring stands about 3 inches (77mm) above the mount surface. The medium duty models are great for 2 ft Firestik & Firestik II antennas as well as 3ft FireFly and Road Pal antennas. The heavy duty models may be used with any antenna up to 5 ft in length.

The ring terminal models (SS-34M & SS-34H) are designed so that both the ground and center conductor connections are made when the spring/stud is installed (versus making a ground connection to the mount with a separate screw). The space required below the mount surface is a minimal 1/2" (13mm) making this the perfect part to install when space is a premium. The washers and the connecting bolt are made of stainless steel on this product and the insulators are made of rugged nylon.

The screw-on connector models (SS-34AM & SS-34AH) utilize our premium SO-239 base design. The strength and performance of this design has made it the standard by which all other similar designs are judged by. As expected, the hardware on these models is stainless steel and all insulators are molded in nylon.


2 Year Warranty