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Back in the 1970's, we made electronic 2-way radio related products. This included linear amplifiers, variable frequency oscillators (VFO), watt meters, mobile and base CB radios and RF filters. The items were marketed under the PAL Electronics name. Even though we quit that phase of our business by 1978, we still get occassional calls from people who "found" one of our old pieces of equipment in their parents garage, at a garage sale, or over at the local swap meet. Since the Internet is such a great tool for sharing archived information, we thought we would start digitizing some of the old documents we have and post them to our site. In the summer of 2001 our facility took a "big hit" from a rare storm and just prior to a couple of inches of rain, high winds ripped the roof from our building and exposed most of our stored records to the elements. Much was lost. But, we have started to gather what we can, some of which are multigenerational copies of originals and will get them cleaned up the best we can, scanned and posted on our site. Hopefully, some of what we have retained will be of value to someone. We will add to the list as we find and digitize related documents.






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