Model AR-8
MSRP*     $2.99

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

The AR-8 female mini-UHF is made for RG-58 types of coaxial cables. The center pin is soldered to the center lead of the coax and the crimp sleeve, when compressed with a standard hex crimping tool, secures the coax to the connector while making the necessary ground. The most popular use of the AR-8 is for preprocessing the coaxial cableh and having the ability to pass the connector through a passageway or hole that is about one-half the size of a standard PL-259 connector. The typical PL-259 connector requires a 3/4" (0.750"/19mm) hole whereas the mini-uhf connector only requires a 7/16" (0.4375"/11mm) hole. Once the coaxial cable is routed to the radio or mount, our AR-9 adapter can be added so the final connection can be made. Each AR-8 includes a piece of shrink tubing that may be used as a final dressing to keep unwanted elements from penetrating the connections. WHERE TO BUY?

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