No-Ground-Plane System

Model K-8NGP:  17ft (5.2m) $44.99 (MSRP*)

*MSRP (Manufactures Suggested Retail Price) in U.S. Dollars

The K-8NGP is a tuned coaxial cable assembly that can only be used with special no-ground-plane antennas. This coaxial cable will not work with any standard ground plane dependent CB antenna. We offer it for replacement purposes (in the case of a damaged cable assembly from one of our no-ground-plane kits) or, for those who may be making an NGP kit while using a mount not found in one of our NGP kits. There are four primary components to a NGP antenna system ... the NGP antenna, the NGP coaxial cable assembly, the stud mount and the primary mount. The first three items are mandatory. As long as the primary mount has a 1/2-inch (25mm) hole to accept the stud mount, it will suffice.

Because the K-8NGP coax contains a tuned circuit, reducing the length of the cable by as little as 1/4-inch (5mm) could render it useless. While there are some cases where the installation may dictate a small reduction in the length of the cable, this must be done carefully and with a degree of knowledge as to what effects on the resonant frequency that reducing the length will have on the assembly. There is an article posted in our tech help section regarding this procedure. Click here to read it.

The NGP systems ONLY use the center lead of the coax to feed the antenna. The shield side of the coax is used to form the counterpoise (ground plane) that all transmitting antennas require. Many cables have been ruined by those unfamiliar with NGP systems. They think we made a mistake building the cable assembly so they reprocess the end and render it useless. We recommend that the ring terminal be soldered on instead of crimped (allows easy removal in case that need ever occurs).

To the novice, one of our NGP antennas may look the same as a standard GP antenna. But, the are never the same. All fiberglass NGP antennas leave the factory with a yellow band near the base. They can also be identified by the length of the close-wound section of the antenna at it's upper end. A table to help differentiate a GP product from an NGP product, based on loading coil length, is posted on our website. Click Here


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1 Year Warranty